Often bootlegged and spelled creatively (search for Pope Flyne, POPE FLYNE, Pope Flynn, Pope Flyne Ackah, PS Ackah), Pope’s music can be found free at many internet sites. (Download the drum break for the Sweet Talk’s Osode here as a ringtone for your phone!)


Heaven (2023)

1. HEAVEN (Sacrifies-Sacrifies)
2 · WHAT DO YOU WANT (From Me)
3 · TIME (Waits For No One)
5 · TRAITOR (Bandulu)
6 · BONGO MAN (Not Pompom Man)
7 · DESIRE (My Desires Have Distroyed My Life)
8 · OH BABY (I love You So Much)
9 · SISTER (Where’s Your Dignity)

This Beautiful Woman (2022)

1. Halleluja
2 · Obaa Nyansah Fo
3 · This Beautiful Woman
4 · Wodo Ye Kese
5 · Say Ever, Not Never
6 · Me Ewuraba (My Lovely)
7 · She’s My Girl
8 · Me Ahuofe (My Beauty)
9 · Ma Yenfa Yeho Adwen
10 · Maame, Maame
11 · Omo Abrimah
12 · Birthday Song

One Race (2009)

  1. One Race, a revelation of oneness of all the human race;
  2. Happy Mother’s Day, appreciating the selfless love of all mothers;
  3. Mother Africa a wake-up call for the continent of Africa
  4. Good Morning, goodwill to all living things (including Humankind);
  5. Am Giving Myself, a dedication to great men and women, and their quests and sacrifices to mankind
  6. Hi-Life Music, which explains the true meaning of West African sound.

Rhythm of Life (2001)

You are invited to enjoy the powerful rhythms and harmonious melodies of Ghana.

This recording brings to life the original Hi-Life music of Ghana, West Africa. Before the advent of the electric guitar, Hi-Life was created and played with authentic African instruments, accompanied, of course, by the melodic voices of thesingers.

    1. Akwantum
    2. Edwuma Mbo
    3. Kamamenka
    4. Mama Olege Medley
    5. Nana
    6. Akrom Hi-Life
    7. Aya
    8. Paapa Aba Fie
    9. Kusum (Oniyimpa Odasanyi)
    10. Eno

The Africans Are Coming (2010)

In Akan, the dialect of Ghana, “SANKOFA” means going back to our roots.

Sankofa Groove is an African Cultural Band made of three great musicians returning to their Ghanian roots, capturing the great grooves of the golden era of Hi-Life Music, and featuring POPE FLYNE, SAMMY SUCHIE NORTEYE, and NII AMAH NAT HAMMOND

  1. The Africans Are Coming
  2. Waya Waya
  3. Praise Him
  4. Am Not Crazy
  5. Money Sweet
  6. Ghana Osey Africa
  7. Kalimba
  8. Small Boy
  9. Azau do/Somaja
  10. Eye oNyame
  11. Sabir


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