photo: Yvon Chausseblanche

Pope Flyne is known for his live and online performances. bringing a sensibility of joy and universal celebration through his High Life (hilife) music.

Showman & lead vocalist for the hilife bands Super Sweet TalksThe Black Hustlers,  The Medics, The Medican Lantics Band, Pope also performed percussions and vocals for Wantu Wazuri Afro Band, Sweet Potatoes Jazz Band and Zulu Spear. Pope now plays keyboards and sings vocal with the West African Highlife Band and is drummer and vocalist for Nigerian Brothers, Sankofa Groove, Kalimba Soundz and Ghanalimba Cultural Groove Band. He fills a room with all kinds of music including Reggae, Jazz and Afro- Rock with his

One Man Orchestra!

As a Human Rights musician and a music producer, Pope has performed music for the United Nations, UNCHR Human Rights Day, Amnesty International, United Way, UN World Habitat Day, and Earth Day. Pope is also a master teacher who brings roots drumming and dance to city youth, college students and ballet academies. He is on the faculty of St. Mary’s College of California and also teaches at many public schools.

New Release: HEAVEN!